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Over the years, Britt has felt the ‘un-bear-able’ distress parents and babies experience when their beloved Britt Bear is lost or damaged. Which is why she created the emergency replacement and repair service for damaged or lost Britt Bears. Parents can call or email to have their children’s Britt Bears replaced or repaired as soon as possible!  The repair service is free.

This heartfelt service has allowed Britt to remain in touch with families for years and hear all the adorable and beautiful stories and moments that are often attached to our Britt Bears.  Britt Collinson and her team feel honoured to be a part of this.  

We offer to send your child a letter from the “Britt Bears Hospital and factory” introducing a new bear but include personal details of your bear and child’s name if you wish. Making it all feel very real if the original bear is very much lost.  We take photos of the bears in the Britt Bears hospital bed when they stay over to help your child feel ok about where their companion is.  Britt even fixes other branded bears sometimes.  She can’t help herself and to this day, she still responds to most requests.

If you need to use Britt Bear’s replacement or repair service, please call or text on +61 411 600 789 or send us an email at [email protected]. Rest assured, you’ll hear from us as soon as possible.  It’s like our “warrenteddy” 😉

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*Please note customers are responsible for shipping fees only when using the Emergency Bear Service

* Duration of each repair and/or replacement will be asap on a case-by-case basis

Rescue Stories

Aw Bear

I gave Aw Bear to Emily as a special gift on her first birthday. The name came from me showing Emily the bear once unwrapped, and saying “Awww, it’s a bear” and rubbing the toy against my face. It was an attempt to stop her from sucking her fingers, which didn’t work! Aw Bear has travelled near and far and has always been a close family member. (I would rather lose my purse than Aw Bear.) She has been lost under supermarket shelves, appeared in family portraits and has made many trips to my parent’s farm, and even to Noosa. Aw Bear has also made a trip to the Britt Bear Hospital (much appreciated) and been replicated in a birthday cake! All the best, Allison, Emily and Aw Bear!.

The Guys Bear

Jack received his first blue Snuggles Koala on the day he was born. We then purchased a couple more as back-ups and they became known as “The Guys.” Jack now has four guys, following an episode in 2011 when a few went missing. He was unable to sleep and thrown into a mild state of panic. We eventually found the missing guys but had already ordered more! They are now hidden in secret locations around the house in case of emergency. The guys have travelled everywhere with Jack. They have been to many European cities, all over America and to various parts of Asia. Guy 1 always goes in our hand luggage, being the most important and all, with Guys 2, 3 and 4 travelling closely behind in the suitcase. As they are all of different ages and quality, Jack can tell which is which just by closing his eyes and touching their ears! Jack is now nearly seven years old, but he will still not go to bed without his four friends in his arms. They are irreplaceable as they are now considered part of the family!

Poppy & Bear

Hi Britt Here are a couple of photos of our daughter Poppy with Bear. Poppy is about to turn nine and so is her bear. As you can see, Bear is a very treasured member of our family and is never far from her side. Although my husband, two sisters, brother and I have spent many hours looking for him on the sad occasions he has been lost.  Bear isn’t aging very well; he has no fur left and has had many operations to keep his limbs together. Poppy is going to put him in a beautiful box and as hard as it is, she knows it’s time to get a new bear. Kind Regards, Meg Parker-Herriott

laherty Family 

Cooper was born on 17 December, 2007 and received his gorgeous Snuggles bear from a family friend, the day after he was born.  He and “Blue Bear” have been inseparable ever since…Blue Bear even comes on our egg hunt every Easter Sunday! When Noah was born on 25 January, 2010, Cooper gave him his own Britt Bear called “Tiger Teddy” (as he’s made of leopard print). Noah also received a big blue teddy, and then another, so he is the proud owner of two big, blue teddies and a Tiger Teddy. Cooper and Noah then gave their baby brother Xavier his first teddy – Brown Bear, when he was born on 27 March, 2014.  Xavier also received a smaller caramel teddy and a Snuggles puppy from family members. His favourite place to sleep is on his Snuggles blankie from Britt! (We have brought four of these blankets for friends who have just had babies, and they all swear that it helps put their boys to sleep!!) The boys don’t go anywhere without their beloved teddies – we have even used the Emergency Bear Service to replace the beloved Blue Teds for Noah! 

Gok Gok Bear

I got Amelia her bear before she was born, I am a sister on a NICU and one of my long term patients had a Britt Bear that I fell in love with when pregnant. She has one ever slept one night without him when it was lost in France. It was found the next day following a poster campaign. He has been run over by a steam roller and so is a little flatter than most bears! He has been on zip wires and on Brownie camps. He goes every where with her and despite being nearly 10 years old, she wouldn’t be without him at night. I struggle to get him washed. He looks a little different now after all his escapades!!

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